Zurich Felsenstrasse location – individual therapies / Mon, Tue, Wed all day, Fri afternoons
Individual therapies  in Zurich Seefeld near the botanical garden.

Location Zurich Plattenstrasse – Dance therapy group / Mon evenings, in German only

Location Zurich Höschgasse, Villa Egli – Dance therapy group / Fri mornings, in German only


  • Individual therapy in Zurich
  • Group offers are held in Zurich in German

Individual therapy in dance therapy and/or Somatic Experiencing
and aftercare following hospitalisation

Online session in Somatic Experiencing/trauma knowledge mediation on request

It is accredited by Swiss health insurance companies via the majority of the supplementary insurance plans.

Contact me for an appointment

Ongoing group programmes in dance therapy in Zurich weekly on Mon evenings and Fri mornings in beautiful rooms. Groups are held in German.






Dance therapy group Mon evening
Tanztherapie_Gruppe – Flyer-Mo2
Next group start on 13.05. – 15.07.2024

Dance therapy group Fri morning
As of 31.05.2024 a new dance therapy group will start.  There are free places left.
Registration for 31.05.2024 / 10.00 – 11.30 is now possible with the option of regular group participation afterwards. Flyer for group follows.
Course location: Villa Egli, Höschgasse 4, 8008 Zurich

Only with registration and contact in advance.