Dance therapy group – Dancing provides change

Do you often have the feeling of being disconnected from your body? Is your life performance-driven, defined by functionality and without space for emotions?
Have you always perceived dancing as beautiful and has it made you feel alive? Would you like to feel more alive again and express yourself in emotional and creative terms?

Dancing creates change is a continuous group offer within a closed group, which empowers you for this purpose.

We prepare the body for dancing with simple and centred movement sequences based on organic and natural movement sequences, as well as by way of bodily awareness exercises.
We dance in line with the various movement qualities and rhythms. Dancing is a wonderful media to express our feelings.
Dancing leads to change.
Themes are derived from the relevant group dynamic or are consciously applied as a focus. The evening ends with a joint exchange or in silence.

Course blocks are bookable as a unit and occur within a closed, continuous group.