Dance and Movement Therapy – Individual Therapy

The individual therapy approach is suitable for persons who wish to involve their bodies and express themselves via dancing and/or movement. Dance therapy interprets the body, spirit and soul as one single unit. The body and emotions are intricately related and can express themselves in the form of various symptoms. By involving our bodies, movement and suppressed emotions, we are able to learn more about our own motion- and behavioural patterns. We reflect on our experiences and relate them to our own biography.

Authentic Movement – AM is a specialisation of dance therapy

The approach is based on depth psychology approaches according to C.G. Jung, founded by Mary Starks Whitehouse, and further developed by Janet Adler.
The purpose of Authentic Movement is for us to be guided by impulses from the subconscious without being subject to any external musical or rhythmic influence. AM is mainly practised within groups; however, it can also be practised within an individual setting.
As from its approach, Authentic Movement can be applied and used clinically or for personal and spiritual development as a pathway to higher awareness.

My work and many years of experience as a dance- and movement therapist in psychiatric institutions and rehabilitation, as well as my background as a dancer, provide me with a broad spectrum for dealing with the various themes and persons.

Cost/60 mins. CHF 150,00

It is accredited by Swiss health insurance companies via the majority of the supplementary insurance plans.

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